PBP Etiquette

Hey all!! For our play by post we should have a couple ground rules set. We all want to play and have fun, and sometimes that means bringing it in a little. Not everyone is willing or able to post as much as some others…so let's give everyone a chance to play.

When we have initiative, you can take your turn but ALL PCs will have an opportunity to also take their turn. Within reason. We don't want to wait 2 days for someone to take a turn, but if they can't post within 10 minutes, that's okay too.

For the most part I'm available and can respond pretty quickly. I'll let everyone know in the Discord channel if I'm unable to for X amount of time. That'd be a good place for everyone else to do the same…like if you know you have a busy work day, so you won't post until lunch…or you're going to dinner and a movie with friends…you'llbe out of commssion until the next morning. That's all okay!

This should be a lot of fun. We have a good descriptive rp group here! I look forward to everything you're going to come up with! Please let me know (preferably in Discord) if you have questions outside of the game itself. Thanks all!

PBP Etiquette

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